This fine gilt consular cased watch, has a genuine verge movement numbered 2351  made around 1700 by the great Thomas Tompion, small for this period. The movement is unusual in that it winds from the front but that is an original feature, and may have been the result of a special request of the first owner. The later dial has arabic numerals and is in good condition except for the small chip around the winding hole. The hands are steel beetle and poker style. The movement is signed Tho Tompion London and numbered . The watch even after  over 300 years still works well. The watch has superb pillars and having recently been serviced even after 300 years still works. The movement is listed in the Jeremy Evans book Thomas Tompion at the Three crowns.
Diameter 53mms. Dial diameter 39.5 mms.
Price 3950

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