The very rare cylinder movement Numbered 1394 was made by the Great Watchmaker Thomas Mudge, around 1760. He is recognised as possibly the worlds greatest watchmaker, developing the Lever escapment. He made few watches with his name on, because he was engaged in making watches for some of the well known makers of the time, such as Ellicott.
MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (1394), the gilded cylinder movement is in fine condition and is running well. Beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock with diamond endstone. The screws are also blued and look original with no damage. Just a few scratches on the plate at the pillars.
DIAL : The large white enamel dial is about 42 mm in diameter. It is in very good condition.
The movement retains its original Dust cover .
This is a very rare opportunity to buy a watch by one of England's indeed the Worlds finest makers. While dealing in fine English antique watches for some years, I have seen more genuine Thomas Tompion movements offered that those of Thomas Mudge. This is a rare watch.
THE CASE: The case is silver, London hallmark for 1809, was gilded by the look of it the inner covers still retain some gilding.



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