Very original, early 8 day penny moon brass faced long case. The separate attached arch, is original showing moon phase and age of moon. The dial and movement are exceptional quality easily "London Quality" the dial with seconds chapter ring and date aperture. The engraving on the dial is exceptional quality, with wheat-ear engraving around the whole dial, and an unusual engraved plate attached to the top of the dial centre with the seconds chapter ring engraved on it. I have seen a number of clocks by him and all the early ones had this plate.  The clock has a two brass cased weights.
Longcase and Bracket Clocks by him are featured in Brian Loomes book " Brass Dial Clocks" because of their outstanding workmanship for a provincial maker.

The oak case is very slim with long door with star inlay, the lock has been replaced.
Made c 1720 by Joseph Cooper of Malpas in Shropshire,
almost certainly the famous clockmaker Joseph Cooper later of Whitchurch. The movement also features a repeat mechanism
12 inch arch dial, case 7 foot 1.5 inches, 217 cms high.


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