Let me introduce myself, my name is Clive Hickman:

I have been hooked on clocks since I bought my first Long case clock 39 years ago. They have been my passion ever since. I was one of those very lucky people who have turned their passion into their work for life!
I have always loved Long cases but my love has extended to early watches and barometers.
I ran a clock and barometer shop for many years with my wife (who restores painted clock dials) repairing and restoring all kinds of clocks watches and barometers, and now I am semi retired I will continue to feed my passion by selling online.
The joy I feel when I handle clocks and watches made by the Masters: Tompion, Quare, Mudge and the myriad of unsung craftsmen is equal to any joy derived from owning Da Vinci, Rembrandt, or any old (or new) Master.
These difficult financial times only emphasise the advantage of investing in good Antique Clocks and watches, they attract no Capital Gains Tax, so you can invest enjoy and not pay Tax if you decide to sell!